Sign-Tec 2022 parts catalogue


Our latest parts catalogue with added parts is now availablke under "downloads" or click here

Some new items some replacement items and sadly a few items no longer available

New Neon Controllers


For outstanding neon, look through the catalogue to see how to bring your neon to life.

Flashing, dimming, sequences with many options.

Information here

New TRIAC dimmable LED drivers


New for the aftermarket installer and for simple install on new units -

TRIAC mains dimmable drivers, can be dimmed from trailing or reverse phase dimming controls. Range available from 30-100W in 12 and 24V versions

Information will be uploaded shortly

Contact us on 01892 783900 for more information.

New 2019 slimline LED drivers


A new range of extra slim LED drivers for narrow and shallow light boxes IP66 rated in 12 and 24V options

See product link Slimline drivers -

New 2019 Parts catalogue


Our New 2019 parts catalogue is available to download from the downloads link at the top above this.

Wago connector range


Did you know?

We stock a full range of WAGO's everyday connectors for LED and other uses.

Very competitive prices and discounts for bulk purchase

Site installer box sets with a range of different connectors all handy in a sturdy clear top case.

2,3,4 and 5 way

Push in, snap down types, the most common ones used in the industry.



New to the flexible LED range is the "Miniflex" product.

Available in 2 types and a number of different colours.

Miniflex Slim - An IP66 rated LED flex encased in a silicone housing that is just 6mm wide and 12mm high.

This has a minimum bend radius of just 5mm, so great for contouring work. Can be used as an inlay for detailing features on furniture, signage and many other things.

The direction of bend on this version is across the visible light and with no spotting is a very versatile product.


Miniflex square - An IP66 rated LED flex encased in a silicone housing that is just 10 x 10mm in section and the same as the miniflex slim can be used as an inlay for detailing features on furniture, signage and many other things. 

Minimum bend radius is 25mm

The direction of bend is along the light and again with no spotting it is a very versatile product.

Both are available in Cool white warm white and Red, green and blue.

Aluminium profile to mount either is available. Both have low power consumption of just 7.2W per metre and a cutting possibility of every 50mm for slim and 41.7mm for square

New product: Hansen-LED swing~light flexible profile


Hansen-LED have introduced a new product: 'swing~light' - a flexible silicone LED profile that can be bent in any direction. swing~light-the-new-silicone-led-profile

Hansen-LED swing~light advert

Neon and the future


Read the article regarding Mercury and the deadlines here - 

2018 New LED Driver Range


From today 1st February 2018, we have introduced a complete new range of LED drivers.

Currently we are stocking 35, 60 and 100W models, but this will be expanded shortly to include 150 and 240W models.

Very competitively priced and very good quality

Call or email us for more information and pricing.

Call 01892 783900


Details of our range is here LED PSU Product List

2018 Catalogue Out Now!



Call or email for your copy. Revised prices for neon electrodes, coated tubing and Siet transformers. Big price reductions for the LETRO-LED 'Professional' IP66 LED modules!

Other recent new products from Sign-Tec Services


A new mini module range with lense 34 lumen plus 160 deg lense

Upgraded EAGLE LED Higher power, greater centre distance for even lower density requirement and higher light output

New RGB Controllers

NEW RGB flexstrip

New white flexstrip over 3,000 lumen per metre

Coloured  flexstrip

Hansen high-power LED  - light large boxes or use for spot lighting.

Luminous Panels - create ultra-slim back lit signs, made to measure for your application.

Letter Shaped LED Boards & Standard-Plus LEDs

Siet Transformers - world leading neon transformers, with metal cases.

Latest additions to our LED range!


LETRO-LED 'Eagle' IP66 LED modules  - High power - up to 150 lumen 165 deg beam angle

LETRO-LED 'Mini' IP66 LED modules - very small module with low spacing capability NEW 2017 NAKED FOR EMBEDDING RANGE

Technical News


Our partners at Hansen LED have produced an interesting study of the potential energy savings that can be made by using their series connected LED systems. Please see the leaflet linked below.

Hansen LED power saving information

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