EcoNeon will be with us shortly.

What is EcoNeon? -

EcoNeon is an initiative from the BSGA and the ESF to protect and promote Neon as a product.

How will it do this? -

By promoting safe and sustainable manufacturing methods, together with a program of recycling which it is hoped that all neon manufacturing workshops will take up.

How will I know that my neon is Econeon? -

All glass shops and other concerned companies that sign up to EcoNeon will display the EcoNeon logo and you will know that what you have purchased will conform to sensible regulation

What does it mean for me? -

EcoNeon, will give you the peace of mind that there has been a minimum of materials used that are currently under threat of banning through European and world directives.

The threat of banning has come about through misuse by other industries and led to a blanket ban on it's use, other than where proven use and recycling capabilites are in place.

Unlike many other light sources that are currently being advocated by the lighting industry that currently go straight to landfill, Neon will be sustainable and recyclable.



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