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DMX dimming of Neon transformers


Do you ever get asked to dim neon installations by DMX control? It can be done...

Whilst we can't supply a neon transformer that takes a DMX signal directly, there are Interfaces that take a DMX digital control signal and convert it to an analogue 0-10VDC control voltage - a protocol commonly used for room lighting controls. This 0-10VDC signal can then control either:

  • For magnetic (coil & core) transformers - a dimmer module, such as our Siet 15A 'Dimmerbox' (part no. 66202) or the RVE 'RV' range of dimmers (part nos. 9603 / 9608 / 9609). You will need to use transformers with no integral Earth Leakage protection and then use an external Earth Leakage Protection like the Promo Ref 440 (part no. 96ELS6A).
  • For Hansen electronic neon converters - we have two models that take a 0-10VDC signal directly, the EVG40/3D (40mA 3KV) and EVG50/2D (50mA 2KV). These give very good dimming performance and incorporate Open Circuit and Earth Leakage protections, built in - making instatllation easier, neater and safer.

DMX Dimming for neon - diagram

Hansen 0-10VDC neon converters

Siet 15A Dimmerbox

RVE RV5 dimmer



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